Does a Lash Lift Ruin Your Lashes? To Lift or Not to Lift

The quest for the perfect lashes, many of us find ourselves facing a crossroads: the choice between the allure of a lash lift and the daily dance with mascara.

If you've pondered giving your lashes a semi-permanent boost of lift and allure, a lash lift might just be on your beauty radar. But, before you dive in, let’s unfold the layers of this trendy treatment and explore whether it’s a friend or foe to your flutter.


What Exactly Is a Lash Lift?

Picture this: your lashes, but better. That's the promise of a lash lift. Borrowing a page from the 80s playbook, a lash lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes. The process begins with your aesthetician placing a silicone rod or shiled onto your makeup-free eyelid. Then, a lifting solution is applied, breaking down the lashes' bonds and allowing them to mold to the shape of the silicone, thereby setting the stage for that eye-popping lift. With a careful balance of science and artistry, your lashes are transformed, boasting a curl that's all yours, only elevated.

Costs and Duration

While the charm of a lash lift is undeniable, it's not an eternal affair. Typically, the curl gracefully bows out after four to six weeks, depending on factors like your lash growth cycle, the expertise of your lash artist, and how you care for your newly adorned lashes. As for the price tag, lash lifts vary, generally setting you back between $75.00 to $150.00 —a worthy investment for the low-maintenance beauty seeker, but an expense nonetheless.

The Risks of a Lash Lift

While lash lifts are a popular way to achieve that dreamy, wide-eyed look, it's important to acknowledge that, as with any salon treatment, there's a small chance things might not go as planned. Sometimes, the issue might be as minor as a sensitivity to the solutions. Other times, complications could arise from an inexperienced technician's mistake, or from not adhering to the critical aftercare instructions.

Especially with lash lifts, one common mishap is getting the lashes wet too soon after the procedure, which can undo the beautiful curl your technician worked so hard to achieve. It's worth noting that the risks associated with lash lifts can increase significantly if you're attempting a DIY approach at home without professional training.

  • Over-Curled Lashes: Choosing the wrong size silicone rod can result in lashes that are curled too tightly. A professional aesthetician should customize the procedure based on your natural lash length and the look you're aiming for.
  • Aftercare Slip-ups: Not following the aftercare guidelines properly - like rubbing your eyes, sleeping face down, or exposing your lashes to water within the first 24 hours - can compromise the results of your lash lift.
  • Eye Irritation: Introducing chemical solutions near the sensitive eye area always carries a risk. Even with the utmost care, accidental contact can lead to irritation or more severe reactions, including rash, redness, or inflammation,  depending on your eye's sensitivity.
  • Brittle Lashes: Post-lift, it's common for lashes to feel a bit dry, but in some cases, lashes can become excessively brittle and break off, leaving behind sparse areas. This usually happens when the rebuilding solution is left on for too long, damaging the lash structure.

These potential risks underscore the importance of selecting a reputable technician and diligently following their aftercare advice. While a lash lift can beautifully enhance your natural lashes when done correctly, being aware of and prepared for these possible outcomes can help ensure your lash lift experience is as safe and satisfying as possible.

The Lash Serum Lifeline: Sarah Maxwell Beauty 

Before you commit to the lash lift leap, there's an alternative worth considering: lash serums. The Lash Growth Serum can promise longer, fuller lashes without recurring salon visits. This serum not only champions the growth of your lashes but also serves as a nurturing aftercare step post-lash lift, should you decide to go that route.

Lash Lifts and Lash Serums

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. Combining a lash lift with a nurturing lash serum like Sarah Maxwell's can dramatically enhance the results, giving you the length and conditioning your lashes crave. It's a dynamic duo that lets you flirt with the idea of a semi-permanent lift while ensuring your lashes stay healthy and vibrant.

Does a lash lift make your lashes fall out?

No, a properly performed lash lift should not cause your lashes to fall out. The treatment is designed to curl your natural lashes without affecting their health or growth cycle. However, lashes can fall out if the treatment is done incorrectly or if the aftercare instructions are not followed.

Is eyelash lifting bad for your lashes?

When done by a trained professional and with high-quality products, eyelash lifting is not bad for your lashes. It's a safe way to enhance the natural curl of your lashes without the need for daily curling. Overprocessing can occur with improper application, so choosing a reputable technician is crucial.

Will lashes go back to normal after a lash lift?

Yes, your lashes will gradually return to their natural state as they go through their normal growth cycle, typically within 4 to 6 weeks. A lash lift temporarily alters the shape of your lashes but does not permanently change their structure or growth pattern.

Is a lash lift better for your lashes?

A lash lift can be considered better for your lashes compared to daily mechanical curling or the application of heavy mascaras, as it reduces the need for these potentially damaging routines. It provides a natural-looking lift and curl with minimal maintenance, making it a healthier alternative for achieving beautifully curled lashes.

The Verdict on Lash Lifts

So, do lash lifts play the villain in the tale of lash care? Not necessarily. When performed by skilled hands and coupled with diligent aftercare (including the magic touch of a quality lash serum), a lash lift can be a safe, stunning way to elevate your natural beauty. However, the allure of nurturing your lashes to their full potential with a serum alone might just sway you away from the salon chair and into a low-maintenance, high-reward routine. In the end, whether you opt for the instant gratification of a lash lift or the gradual enchantment of a lash serum, the choice is yours.