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Created by lash expert and acclaimed make up artist Sarah Maxwell, our products are the results of years of research, development, and application amongst an elite clientele.

The result: the highest quality and best performing lash & brow products in the world, now available for purchase including best lash growth serum.

Best Mascara in the World

absolutely adore this mascara! first time in
my life where mascara does not hurt my eyes. it makes my eyes pop, without irritating them. Fantastic product- highly recommend it.

- Fiona Z.

Such a Great Lash Serum

My lasher are growing again , not only in length but also getting much thicker , they are starting to look like they did 20 years ago.

I love love this serum and I have tried a lot , I must say that this applicator is a first for me and I could be more pleased, I have always used a brush and it is harder to control the amount with a brush and many times end up getting in my eyes. With this applicator it is easy to control the amount of serum and I never end up with serum in my eyes.

- Oliver T.

Love the Brow Mask

This brow mask is very hydrating. Very nice addition to my pampering!

- Patricia G

Not like Mom's Makeup Remover

LAUNDER LASH is easy to use; it does a thorough job of completely removing the heaviest mascara and liner, and best of all: SARAH MAXWELL has found a way to create a lid cleanser that doesn't burn or cause my eyes to shed tears. I've had no allergic reactions to it after multiple applications.

Excellent product! Thanks, Sarah Maxwell, :D

signature scent collection

by Sarah Maxwell

Four iconic scents, striking yet understated.

Hand poured from blends of fine essential and absolute oils.

Vegan and paraben free.


I love the smell of liv1. I put it on and it lasted all day my boyfriend couldnt get enough when he hugged me.

- Kelsey S.

Strangers Stop Me

When strangers stop to ask what scent you’re wearing, you know you have a winner. I’m a LIV Lifer.

- Sheila M.


I love how these candles make any room smell so elegant! They burn clean, they are amazing!

- Kari R.


livylash Lash Lift Master Class

Since her first lash client in 2009, Sarah has been a pioneer and leader in the lash world, staying at the forefront of the industry and its advancements, you don't want to miss the exclusive opportunity to train with her. 

Our two day Master Class is the most comprehensive Lash Lift training in the industry. You will have the opportunity to take a deep dive into the chemistry of lash lift so often over looked by other Lash Lift Classes, allowing you to have control over your results each and every time. Sarah will walk you through each step of the lash lift, from shield selection, proper lash placement and choosing the right lifting/setting timing. Enrollment includes an extensive 60 plus page manual, a fully loaded lash lift kit allowing you the freedom to start working right away, and a full day to work with multiple models with Sarah to trouble shoot you along the way. As part of your certification, you will receive a one-on-one recap with Sarah, as she presents you with livyLash Lift Certificate.

Classes sell out quickly. Want to be first to know about new dates?


Classes sell out quickly. Want to be first to know about new dates?




Since her first lash client in 2009, Sarah has been a pioneer and leader in the lash world, staying at the forefront of the industry and its advancements. LivylashArtitst comprises Sarah’s curated offerings of professional products.

These products are now available to all lash artists in the world to help their clients achieve the results that made a name for Sarah.

Founder, CEO, MOM

Sarah Maxwell

LA based makeup artist, lash pioneer, and educator Sarah Maxwell has forged a name for herself through her artistic subtlety and signature red carpet looks. Sarah’s work continuously graces film premieres, executive summits, and gala events -- any occasion where her clients rely on her to look their very best.

Pursuing a passion she’s held since childhood, Sarah continually travels the world to hone her craft and finds gratification in mentoring and training the next generation of lash artists. She maintains an extensive client list, and she remains dedicated to the belief that continuous practice is the key to mastering her artistry and refining her product line.

In 2019, Sarah Maxwell Beauty was established with the vision of making her exclusive products, once reserved solely for her private clientele, accessible to all.

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