Most gentle cleanser leaves lashes so clean

I’ve tried a number of lash cleaning products and even tried eye makeup removers. This product is by far superior, leaving your lashes clean while being gentle on your eyes. No burning and doesn’t remove lashes like other products do! Highly recommend.

- Deekia L.

Amazing Mascara!

I love this mascara. The brush doesn’t clump onto the eyelashes. It goes on so smoothly and lasts throughout the day without leaving you with those raccoon eyes that most other brands give you. It’s a beautiful product!

- Alicia L.

Sarah Maxwell in Motion

The Reviews Are In

Whether it's our LENGTH growth serum delivering someone's best brows yet, or our sculpting mascara LAVISH perfecting another's lashes, the love letters have been coming in.

LENGTH - Tutorial

LENGTH is our eyelash growth serum, and it's step one in the Daily Lash Ritual.

Learn how to nourish your lashes with natural plant extracts to stimulate new growth and encourage a longer, thicker, darker lash cycle. See results in as little as 2-3 weeks when used with LAYER keratin conditioning treatment.

LAYER - Tutorial

Learn how to fortify your cuticles and add a nourishing, hydrating layer, sealing in the essential vitamins and restoring your lashes to their youthful, natural state. The Keratin in livylash LAYER mimics the natural polypeptide chains in your lashes, bonding to the rough edges of individual lashes, covering the cuticle, repairing any damage, and promoting strength.

the founder

Sarah Maxwell

LA based lash expert and makeup artist Sarah Maxwell has forged a name for herself through her artistic subtlety, signature red carpet looks and professionally trained eye. With clients ranging from A-list celebrities to corporate executives, Sarah’s work continuously graces red carpets and upscale events, where her clients need to look their very best.

Pursuing a passion she’s held since childhood, Sarah continually travels the world to hone her craft and finds gratification in mentoring and training the next generation of lash artists.

Sarah launched her namesake beauty brand in 2018 to introduce her exclusive products and expert lash techniques to the rest of the world,ensuring that high-end beauty, until now available only
to her personal clients, would be accessible to everyone.