Do Lash Serums Really Work?

The Growth Serum Playbook - The Guide to Getting Ultimate Lashes & Brows

Do Growth Serums for Lashes and Brows Really Work?

In the constant quest for longer, stronger and fuller lashes and brows, the beauty industry has witnessed a surge in popularity for growth serums. Growth serums have become a staple in our daily beauty routines, promising luscious lashes and defined brows. Yet, the burning question remains: do lash and brow growth serums actually work?

The Science Behind Growth Serums

The efficacy of lash and brow growth serums lies in their carefully formulated ingredients designed to work in synergy. Standout ingredients are packed with amino acids, which become the building blocks for the proteins and peptides essential for lash and brow growth. Not all serums are created with care, but sourcing ingredients packed with amino acids - like that in our Lash Growth Serum - are hailed superior for their power to nourish and stimulate the lash and brow follicles. 

How Do They Work and Application Routine:

Lash and Brow growth serums work by stimulating the hair follicles, encouraging the growth of each individual hair. Growth serums like LENGTH Hair Growth Serum extend the natural growth cycle, creating the appearance of more lashes and brow hairs at any given time. When properly formulated serums like LENGTH Hair Growth Serum have ingredients that promote blood flow to dormant follicles, allowing growth in previously sparse areas. For the best results, consistent application is a must. In the first two weeks, applying the serum both morning and night is highly recommended to kick-start your growth journey. This can then be tapered down to once a day for the next two weeks, eventually maintaining a routine of three to four times a week. 

Can Eyelash Growth Serum be Used on Eyebrows?

When a hair growth serum is properly formulated, it can be used wherever terminal hair grows. This means that eyelash growth serums, when done well, can also be applied to the eyebrows with the expectation of similar results.

Ingredients to Look For:

To identify the best eyebrow growth serums, look closely at the formulation. Look for specifics that strengthen polypeptide chains in the lash and brow hair, such as amino acids and peptide-rich ingredients. Ingredients that enhance blood circulation to the hair follicle and reduce fallout indicate a well-working growth serum.

Expected Results:

With consistent and proper use, users can anticipate longer, stronger, and fuller lashes and brows. The transformation is gradual, but with patience and regular use, the results will be stunning.

Reminders when using a separate applicator:

While spoolie brushes can be effective tools for grooming lashes and brows, it's essential to exercise caution. If using a separate spoolie tool, ensure it is kept in a clean, dry place to prevent the bacteria buildup. This precaution is particularly important to avoid introducing bacteria to the lash line and brow area. A tool like our Bounce Brush, is a safe secondary applicator that can be used on both lashes and brows. 

Published Studies on Efficacy:

For those seeking scientific validation, there are published studies (white papers) that delve into the efficacy of individual ingredients used in growth serum formulations. These studies provide a deeper understanding of the science behind the claims, (listed below).


Lash and brow growth serums, when formulated with the right ingredients and used consistently, hold the potential to transform your lashes and brows. Understanding the science behind these serums, choosing wisely based on ingredients, and adhering to a disciplined application routine can unlock the potential to achieve the lush lashes and brows you've always desired.


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